Ozone Therapy

Kickstart your immune system with Ozone infusion therapy.

Ozone Therapy introduces ozone (O3) gas into the body through infusing your bloodstream, kickstarting your immune system and cleansing you liver.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is the process of infusing Ozone (O3) into the blood stream. The main benefit is it activates and improves your immune system.

Common Questions

First, a portion of the patients blood is drained using gravity. Next, the blood is infused with ozone (O3) and enters back into your body. This aids in energy, immune system support and overall well being.

Yes! Ozone Therapy is safe because it simply adds O3 to your blood and filters that blood right back into your body.

Always consult with your physician to see if Ozone treatment is right for you.

The Ozone infusion process takes about 30-45 minutes.

The Process

Enrich and empower your blood through this rapid natural cycle.

Your Blood Is Naturally Cycled

To begin the process, a portion of your blood naturally cycles out of your body to begin the infusion.

Ozone Is Infused

While your blood cycles back into your body, it is infused with Ozone.

Your Blood Re-Enters Your Body

After ozone is infused, your blood re-enters your body and the process is complete.

Why Revive for Ozone Therapy?

At REVIVE you get complete care. We monitor your progress and results with extensive blood work and ensure treatments are effective and efficient in helping you reach optimal health.
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