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You’ve most likely heard of stem cell therapy; it has been the subject of much attention, and also, some debate. At REVIVE, we can provide you with all of the answers you are looking for, including, Is stem cell therapy right for you?

The debate

One commonly debated topic, is the origin of the stem cells themselves. We all have stem cells. The difference is that, as adults, our stem cells are found in small numbers, in bone marrow or fat. Compared to embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells are quite limited. Embryonic stem cells are important, because of their ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue. This allows them to be used to create a more specialized tissue, that may have been lost due to injury, or disease.
The confusion, and therefore the debate, may come from a simple lack of information. Our embryonic stem cells are harvested from donated placentas, and umbilical cord blood, resulting from healthy, live births. Our stem cells are screened, documented and tracked by the FDA.

Why we find stem cells so exciting

Stem cells are causing an explosion in modern medicine. Traditional medical practices are now being questioned, and with good cause! When surgery, and other invasive procedures, were once your only option, stem cell therapy has become a game-changer. Yesterday’s orthopedic surgical procedures, like knee replacements, are being passed-over, for much-simpler, stem cell therapy. With virtually no down-time, and incredible success rates, it’s an option that you can no longer ignore.

Repair, not repress

Stem cell therapy has seen great success in the fields of rheumatology, neurology and cardiology. This therapy is commonly used to combat arthritis. Where the only option to treat arthritis was once, a prescription and a stiff upper lip, stem cell therapy is offering relief—for good! No pills, no hoping for the best, just relief.

Hitting it out of the park

Orthopedics are forever changed thanks to stem cell therapy. Disk degeneration, bone fractures, meniscus, ACL, and rotator cuff tears, can all be successfully treated with stem cell therapy. And when we say “successful” we mean, we are seeing improvement, and recovery rates that cannot be found in traditionally-treated cases.

It’s time to get some answers

You may be just beginning your research on stem cell therapy, and if so, you probably have a lot of questions. We are here to answer those questions, as you decide what treatment is best for you. Or, you may be considering stem cell therapy because you’ve already tried everything else, and are wondering if stem cell therapy is an option for you. Call us. Schedule a visit, and our highly-trained medical team can walk you through a treatment plan, built just for you.
We know pain. We understand pain. We know, not only how to stop pain, we know how to reverse the damage that is causing your pain. We can put an end to needless-suffering, without causing you more of it, with surgery, and long recovery times.

Call us today and finally begin the journey to relief, with stem cell therapy.


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REVIVE has been a life saver for me! I struggled with my weakened immune system and lack of energy. Ozone Therapy has been unbelievably beneficial in significantly improving both. I haven’t felt this great in over two years!

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I have used REVIVE when I had the flu to boost my immune system and also to help with my fibromylagia. Felt better each time and would definitely recommend!



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