What Cryotherapy Can Do For You

Cryotherapy is the latest trend that delivers plenty of benefits. It’s proven to improve both physical and mental health and can also prolong your life. Cryotherapy involves sitting in a booth in near-freezing temperatures to treat or prevent many ailments. Typically, the treatment lasts 3-5 minutes. It may seem unpleasant at first, but over time, your body will adjust to the low temperature.

Benefits Of Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is widely used for muscle healing and pain relief. It can promote faster healing of athletic injuries and treat rheumatoid arthritis. Many fitness enthusiasts or professional athletes use cryotherapy to reduce the adverse effects of intense exercise and speed healing. It can also promote weight loss by forcing the body to stay warm. Many cryotherapy technicians believe that one treatment can increase your metabolism all day.

Inflammation is critical when it comes to fighting infection. However, when it becomes overly reactive, it leads to chronic inflammation that’s linked to dementia, cancer, arthritis, depression, and diabetes. Cryotherapy improves overall health and reduces the risk of suffering from such ailments.

Cryotherapy is highly useful in treating a wide variety of benign skin problems. Lesions suitable for freezing include viral warts, seborrheic keratosis, dermatofibroma, solar lentigo and much more. Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes dry patches of skin and itchiness. After several cryotherapy treatments, many patients saw improvement in their symptoms.


Cryotherapy Facials


A cryotherapy facial is a pain-free and non-invasive spa treatment. The skin is chilled using a beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen. This process causes vasoconstriction and dilates the capillaries and blood vessels. The result is a face that’s free of impurities and toxins. A cryotherapy facial encourages collagen production to rejuvenate the skin. It restores radiance and firmness, soothes inflammation, improves the texture of the skin, reduces uneven skin tone, and lightens acne scars. The procedure only takes 10 minutes, and the results are immediate.


Is Cryotherapy Safe?


Evidence suggests that cryotherapy is effective in treating a wide range of concerns including reversing the signs of aging, promoting weight loss, treating muscle pain, and preventing chronic diseases. Cryotherapy is generally safe, but anyone considering treatment should consult with their doctor first. Treatment should always be performed in a licensed facility with safeguards to ensure you don’t stay in too long. Mild side effects include redness and skin irritation.

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